Photoemission experiment control made easy

Croissant is a powerful experiment control software for angle-resolved photoelectron emission (ARPES) experiments. An easy yet flexible graphical user interface allows the experimenter to run a wide range of experiments from simple spectra to advanced multi-dimensional scans involving not only energy, momentum and spin dimensions but also photon properties and sample conditions. Thanks to its modular internal architecture it can work with spectrometers and auxiliary devices of various types and manufacturers. Besides the suitability for special tasks, Croissant is also a valuable alternative for original manufacturer software that quits working due to legacy software or hardware.


  • Easy graphical user interface that fits all levels of experience
  • Flexible setup of a wide range of simple to complex experiments with nested scan dimensions or multiple regions
  • Supports instruments of various manufacturers and type with the same, consistent user interface
  • Specialized graphics display measured data while the experiment runs
  • Non-proprietary data formats ensure compatibility with any analysis software
  • Optimized work flow from experiment setup to acquisition to data export
  • Many other convenient features
  • Designed by active researchers
  • Productive use in several research labs
  • Free demo version

Croissant was initially developed by physicists of the surface physics research group at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and is now in productive use in several university labs and at synchrotron beam lines. kspace muntwiler+gresch, a spin-off company of the University of Zurich, continues development and distributes Croissant under an exclusive license.


Croissant is dedicated to experiment control and data acquisition of angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy experiments (ARPES). Besides the „classic“ experiments Croissant supports scan control of further parameters that became important with the progress of inter-device communications and the use of advanced light sources for photoemission experiments.

Croissant can do „classic“ angle-resolved photoemission experiments such as:

  • Spectrum
  • 1D angle scans at fixed analyser energy („line scan“)
  • 1D angle scans of spectra („carpet“)
  • 2D angle scans at fixed analyser energy („pizza“)
  • 2D angle scans of spectra

They may be combined with other devices for additional scans or controlling a fixed setpoint:

  • Advanced photon sources
    • Femtosecond laser systems
    • Synchrotron radiation facilities
  • Sample temperature
  • Sample magnetization
  • Sample bias
  • Clock and external triggers
  • Auxiliary voltage

Data can be acquired from the main electron detectors as well as from auxiliary devices:

  • Temperatures
  • Pressures
  • Voltages
  • Instrument status

Control of external devices requires drivers that translate Croissant instructions into device commands. Drivers exist for many analysers (Omicron EA-125, VG ESCALAB 210/220, SpecsLab Phoibos 150), Manipulators (Omnivac PM200) and drivers for beamline control. See the supported hardware list for details. Drivers can also be implemented on customer request.

Of course, classical XPS and UPS measurements are supported as well.